Our Mission

To grow the next generation of farmers by connecting our community to sustainable agriculture

Raleigh City Farm is a nonprofit urban farm founded in 2011 on a formerly vacant one-acre lot in downtown Raleigh. We believe in the power of urban farms to reduce waste, create healthier communities, and re-connect city-dwellers with food production through more frequent encounters with agriculture. We believe that turning vacant lots into productive, nourishing farmland can create something from nothing – an amenity from an eyesore. We believe that urban farms bring people together, make our neighborhoods more beautiful and safer, and spur economic development and growth. And we believe that our impact can extend beyond the perimeter of our small farm site as we create business opportunities for new farmers in the region, helping them sell their products to local chefs and restaurants and directly to the community.

When we first set out to start Raleigh City Farm, our mission was simple: to create a “place where anyone can learn about farming.” We would do this by transforming forgotten urban spaces into farmland. In the spring of 2012, that vision began to materialize when our first group of volunteers appeared on the corner of Franklin and Blount Streets with shovels and enthusiasm. Our farm was born. In the years since, we have operated to fulfill our vision.


Our Vision

We envision a community engaged in a vibrant, sustainable food system reinforced by a network of thriving farmers


Our Values

Our beliefs and values in entrepreneurship, local food, community, sustainability, and well-being inform our daily work.

  • Entrepreneurship – to encourage and support innovation in urban agriculture
  • Local Food – to nourish our bodies and support economic development
  • Community – to strengthen civic engagement and neighborhood pride
  • Sustainability – to steward the health of the nonprofit and the environment
  • Well-being – to recognize the transformative power of cultivating the soil

Today, Raleigh City Farm is an integral part of our local community. We collaborate in various ways with a diverse array of companies and nonprofit organizations throughout the Piedmont region who share our vision. We invite our community to “dig in” and be a part of our big vision by signing up for a workshop, taking a tour, attending a special event, and volunteering to help maintain our farm site.