Lisa  Grele Barrie |  Interim General Manager

Lisa began digging in as a volunteer since the Farm’s inception, and is passionate about sustaining this urban green space around the corner from her home. Transitioning into the volunteer role of Interim General Manager was a natural fit, after serving on the board since 2015. Her skills as a nonprofit administrator were honed at NC Theatre where she served as the CEO for over eight years. She sees a direct link between the importance of “art and ag” – two key ingredients that contribute to an enhanced quality of life for our community.

Her love of gardening was handed down by her father, who was avid about tending his yard and gardens and she takes great pleasure in getting her hands in the dirt and cultivating all varieties of blooming things inside and out. She is the creator of “Wine + Weeds,” RCF’s weekly volunteer event that keeps the weeds at bay while building meaningful community connections. Lisa believes deeply in the transformative power of cultivating the soil and how it contributes to our personal and collective well-being.

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