Farm Aid Hoedown - 2014 - Raleigh, NC
Come ready to celebrate local farms, food, music and drinks! What: Raleigh City Farm’s 1st Farm-Show. Coinciding with Farm Aid 2014, a national celebration of farms and good food right here

Come Crop Mob with us! We will be at 4 different farms 4 consecutive Sundays. Crop Mob builds camaraderie through shared labor and shared food.  Started in 2008 by a

What tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana and could be growing in your backyard right now? Give up? Come find out this week at Raleigh City

We invite you to a summer/fall seasonal series that follows progress in the field… Raleigh City Farm, with much community-support, has made significant progress in 2014.  This progress is visible

You are Invited… to grow a healthier, happier Raleigh, see public invite below. Join Mayor Nancy McFarlane for remarks @ 5pm. And shop from the awesome cast of Farmers and Vendors below,

Kailyard Farm:  Seasonal Diversified Vegetables is a new agricultural partnership between Sean Barker and Corbett Marshall, that will utilize multiple small garden plots, or “kailyards,” in both urban and rural

Understory Farm:  Year-Round Oyster Mushrooms is the enterprise of gourmet mushroom grower, and forager Rob Jones, using indoor and outdoor production to grow the finest, freshest oyster mushrooms, available year

Endless Sun Produce : Year-Round Salad Greens Endless Sun Produce is an urban hydroponic lettuce operation started by Raleigh natives Chase Werner and Matt Spitzer using half the water, fertilizer and