Raleigh City Farm Kickstarts 30­Day Online Campaign to Raise $10,000 “Seed” Funding Funds will directly support critical soil, water and building projects for spring 2012 RALEIGH, N.C. (March 2012) –

Winter Sowing The weather is cold and dreary, and spring seems so far away. We have the perfect thing for you to do on these cold days, to help create

Co-founder Josh is the founder and CEO of TransLoc, a company making mass transit easier to use. His interest in food and lifestyle reform began when he set out to understand

President & CEO After consulting on the project since its conception, Christopher stepped up to join Raleigh City Farm’s Board of Directors in August 2012 and into the CEO role

Education / Photography Lou volunteers with Raleigh City Farm to interact with nature, provide expertise from 50+ years of farming and gardening, to meet people who are passionate about farming

Fundraising Coordinator Lisa Finaldi is board member with a focus on fundraising for Raleigh City Farm.  She is passionate about local, organic food and community engagement. With Raleigh City Farm just

Compost Specialist My farm chores are composting crop waste, organizing supplies such as cardboard and lumber, disposing of trash and generally trying to maintain a “showcase” appearance. The three block walk from

RALEIGH CITY FARM WINS “PEOPLE AND PLANET” GREEN BUSINESS CONTEST $5,000 Prize Awarded to Three Companies in Alaska, California, and North Carolina WASHINGTON, D.C. – For release September 19, 2012

I’ve heard some questions raised lately about Raleigh City Farm. Some ask whether our model is very replicable. They also wonder whether we are doing enough to engage with the

Awesome workday yesterday with the Eschelon Hospitality Team! These guys and gals came out early morning and worked hard … and kept smiles on their faces all day long. Whether

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Today we took a break from row construction to tend to our young plants, repair some rows where weeds had broken through our defenses, and also plant more seedlings. We

A friend asked me recently during lunch why I grow food when I live in the city and can buy it all. Don’t I believe in the division of labor?

I once got a new roommate who found himself having to change a lot in order to adhere to the house rules. We had a number of ‘green’ practices in