Sweet potato tostones, citrus soy salmon, a brown derby cocktail, and green tea creme brulee for dessert. Hopefully, these delicious-sounding offerings captured your attention. At Raleigh City Farm, we believe

*PLEASE NOTE: OUR JULY MOVIE NIGHT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO OUR RAIN DATE of SATURDAY 7/29! Summer is full of quintessential traditions: pool parties, cookouts, farmers’ markets, and countless more.

The Raleigh City Farm team has been engaged in a strategic planning process over the past six months with assistance from Executive Service Corps, a nonprofit capacity-building organization based here

We envision a community engaged in a vibrant, sustainable food system reinforced by a network of thriving farmers. That's a big idea, right?! And how do we get there? It starts with you - our community. If you love fresh, nutrient-dense, local food and care about the ability to have access to it for many years to come, you've come to the right place. We just so happen to know some farmers providing Farm Shares.

If we had to sum up 2016 in one word, it would definitely be growth. And, before we say sayonara to this past year and hello to 2017, we thought it would be

Let’s list the things you probably already know: Raleigh City Farm is an actual working farm. It grows and sells produce on site. It’s also host to multiple farm entrepreneurs—farmers

Chase and Matt
I used to run in Oakwood in the mornings, early, and my runs would take me past Raleigh City Farm. Rounding the corner of Delway Street, I’d look over at

If you know James Edwards, you know that he is, by definition, a renaissance man. A classically trained singer and musician; a chef who has designed, built, owned, and operated his

Keith Chesnutt grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, in a small town just outside of Boone. As a kid, Keith remembers lots of his neighbors grew and sold Fraser firs

Guest Blog from Katie Breen Four years ago, I spent about a week in New Mexico on the land of a Navajo farmer, educator, and healer. I landed in this

Recipe by Farmers’ Chef Stacy Murphy Okra Onion, diced 2 chili peppers, chopped Garlic, minced Zucchini, roughly cubed Summer squash, roughly cubed Eggplant, roughly cubed Grape Tomatoes 4 chicken thighs,