Last Sunday Crop mob helped Old Milburnie Farm get a jump on fall, pulling up row cover and irrigation from summer crops, putting down new irrigation on fall crops, weeding

Farm Aid Hoedown - 2014 - Raleigh, NC
Come ready to celebrate local farms, food, music and drinks! What: Raleigh City Farm’s 1st Farm-Show. Coinciding with Farm Aid 2014, a national celebration of farms and good food right here

Come Crop Mob with us! We will be at 4 different farms 4 consecutive Sundays. Crop Mob builds camaraderie through shared labor and shared food.  Started in 2008 by a

What tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana and could be growing in your backyard right now? Give up? Come find out this week at Raleigh City

We invite you to a summer/fall seasonal series that follows progress in the field… Raleigh City Farm, with much community-support, has made significant progress in 2014.  This progress is visible

You are Invited… to grow a healthier, happier Raleigh, see public invite below. Join Mayor Nancy McFarlane for remarks @ 5pm. And shop from the awesome cast of Farmers and Vendors below,

Kailyard Farm:  Seasonal Diversified Vegetables is a new agricultural partnership between Sean Barker and Corbett Marshall, that will utilize multiple small garden plots, or “kailyards,” in both urban and rural

Understory Farm:  Year-Round Oyster Mushrooms is the enterprise of gourmet mushroom grower, and forager Rob Jones, using indoor and outdoor production to grow the finest, freshest oyster mushrooms, available year