Change is in the air. Can you feel it? It’s like a cool breeze blowing through, rippling leaves, as if something invisible were on the move and had gently jostled

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Every nonprofit goes through transitions. It comes with the territory. Some days, months and years you plug along – others bring about changes that stretch your mission, vision and values

It’s the peak of growing season at Raleigh City Farm. We are consistently amazed at how much our farm partners are able to produce off of our 1-acre site! They

At our 5th Bearthday Celebration this year, we were delighted to unveil our newly revised mission, vision, values and goals and also reveal our future expansion plans for the farm:

Sweet potato tostones, citrus soy salmon, a brown derby cocktail, and green tea creme brulee for dessert. Hopefully, these delicious-sounding offerings captured your attention. At Raleigh City Farm, we believe

*PLEASE NOTE: OUR JULY MOVIE NIGHT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO OUR RAIN DATE of SATURDAY 7/29! Summer is full of quintessential traditions: pool parties, cookouts, farmers’ markets, and countless more.