Workday Wrapup 4.21.12

Today we took a break from row construction to tend to our young plants, repair some rows where weeds had broken through our defenses, and also plant more seedlings.rcf042112_aWe also spent some time learning about the tenacious aphid (their behavior, reproduction, means of communication) and also to admire a lady bug larva — one of the aphids fiercest predators.052905 047While everyone knows what a lady bug looks like, comparatively few know that they start off looking like this. Learn to identify them so you don't mistake them for a pest!Speaking of pests, we spent some time playing detective and trying to figure out what was ravaging our mustard greens. The culprit? Flea beetles.A hungry pestVolunteer Lou picked 'em off with tweezers for over an hour, and Lisa S. returned some hours later with a few organic remedies that we hope will do the trick.

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