Lou Mastro

Education / Photography

Lou volunteers with Raleigh City Farm to interact with nature, provide expertise from 50+ years of farming and gardening, to meet people who are passionate about farming and gardening, and to make new lifetime friends. “I leave the rat race behind for a few hours so I do not forget myself.”Lou’s steady presence on the farm is evident in so many areas. He contributes by:Planting, weeding, harvesting, building raised beds, leading volunteer groups, repairs, picking up supplies, debugging, photographing events, planning, designing, answering questions, spreading wood chips, market setups, bringing the vision to life.A few of his favorite farm moments are:

  • Kildaire chick hatching on mother’s day weekend
  • The first farm market
  • The CFSA tour
  • Working with young people interested in urban farming
“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”
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