Muscadine Vinaigrette

Recipes by Farmers' Chef James Edwards and Charlotte Coman.Muscadine VinaigretteYields about 1½ cups20 large grapes (once processed, should make about ½ cup juice)1 tsp honey¼ tsp sea salt1 tbsp white wine vinegar½ cup canola oilProcess the grapes: Cut each grape in half, remove seeds, and squeeze out the goodie of the grape, separating it from the grape skins. Place the skins in a food processor along with the goodie of half of the grapes. Reserve the remaining goodie in a small mixing bowl.Into the food processor add the honey, salt, and vinegar, and puree until smooth (if the skins don't fully puree strain the mixture and return to the processor. With the machine running, slowly add the canola oil to emulsify. Pour over the grape goodie and mix to combine.Thinly slice 3 peppersThinly slice 5 okraThinly slice squash (patty or trombetta)Cut 10 cherry tomatoes in halfCut 1-2 larger tomatoes into wedgesToss the veggies with lettuce and the muscadine vinaigrette, then season with salt and pepper. Finish with a cheese of your choice (we used goat cheese.) Drizzle a lil’ more dressing on top. Serve and enjoy!

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