Quality over Convenience

There is an unbelievable amount of convenience that we take advantage of these days.  We have computers in out pockets that make it fast and simple to grab small tidbits of information, stay in contact with one another, and find our ways to the nearest grocery stores.  Here lies the most convenient commodity of them all:  Food.It wasn’t until I started working for with Raleigh City Farm and the Raleigh City Farmers Market that I began to think about where all of my food comes from.  I have been going to grocery stores, picking up produce from the shelves, meats from the coolers and my guilty pleasures down the snack isles without even the slightest thought of how this stuff got to where it is.  I am positive, I am not alone here.So where does it come from? We like to hope our meats and produce come from the happy farms we see in the children’s books we read growing up. Old McDonald seemed to have the farm life understood. But the truth is most of our produce and meats are being genetically modified.  You don’t have to take my word for it, but wouldn’t you like to know what is really going on?My eyes have been opened and I have met an amazing group of people who feel that it is better to know where your food is coming from than to be left in the dark.I would like to highlight a Sean Barker and Corbett Marshall of Kailyard Farms.  These two have partnered together utilizing multiple small garden plots in both urban and rural settings to grow the highest quality vegetables for the local community.  Partnering with Raleigh City Farm has allowed the pair to establish a local customer following in the highly visible area off of N. Blount St.  They are a very popular vendor at the Raleigh City Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays from 4-7pm.Kailyard will soon have polecat peas at market, so keep an eye out for them.Come and meet Sean and Corbett and learn where your food is coming from.Also don’t forget to purchase your Raleigh City Farm Hoedown ticket.  Today is the last day to preorder them for $15.See you Wednesday!

GeneralRebekah Beck