Rob Jones

Understory Farm:  Year-Round Oyster Mushrooms

is the enterprise of gourmet mushroom grower, and forager Rob Jones, using indoor and outdoor production to grow the finest, freshest oyster mushrooms, available year round, as well as seasonal shiitakes and other wild foraged fungi.

A food activist and educator, Rob is a co-instigator of Crop Mob, coordinator of Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe‘s sustainability efforts, and farm entrepreneur representative on Raleigh City Farm’s Board of Directors.  He has a degrees in Biology and Environmental Education, studied seed saving with bell pepper enthusiast Doug Jones and was a founding representative of the NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council.

Currently grown in Carrboro, these are the finest and freshest local oyster mushrooms you can find.  Understory Farm plans to utilize Raleigh City Farm's customer following to build enough demand to continue expanding its mushroom production gradually into additional facilities, including at Raleigh City Farm.

Understory Farm’s Grey Dove oyster mushrooms form beautiful clusters of petal like caps that vary in color from cloudy sky to steel gray.  They have a mild, nutty, mushroomy flavor that can hold its own with stronger flavors or star in more subtly flavored dishes.


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