Sean Barker

Kailyard Farm:  Seasonal Diversified Vegetables

is a new agricultural partnership between Sean Barker and Corbett Marshall, that will utilize multiple small garden plots, or “kailyards,” in both urban and rural settings, to grow top-quality diversified vegetables for the local community

This collaboration expands on Sean’s previous Raleigh-based multi-plot growing venture Part & Parcel.

Sean has a background in biology, a certificate in sustainable agriculture from Central Carolina Community College, one of the best programs in the country,  and three years of experience growing and selling in the Raleigh market.

Kailyard’s plan is to utilize the shared infrastructure, high visibility and co-marketing opportunities at Raleigh City Farm to establish a customer following and expand gradually onto additional rural acreage available through Sean’s partnership with Corbett.

This partnership is an ideal fit for Raleigh City Farm, we look forward to accelerating a farm entrepreneur who is already rooted in Raleigh thus strengthening Raleigh’s emerging local food culture.  We aim to be a next stepping stone as Kailyard continues to expand its operation incrementally.


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