This Week at the Market: Yoga, Misti Mayhem, and Chef Caroline Morrison

On Wednesday, from 4-7 pm, you are cordially invited to attend Raleigh City Farmers’ Market. Bring your mom, dad, brothers and sisters, dog or cat (if you so choose), best friends and co-workers to the Historic City Market and enjoy another extraordinary evening of market offerings.This week we are featuring Chef Caroline Morrison of The Fiction Kitchen.  For nearly a decade Chef Morrison confined herself within a corporate cubicle farm. Yet no matter how hard she tried (despite her best efforts) she could not stop her mind from drifting back to the culinary arts.  Soon after this realization she enrolled herself in culinary school and two years later found herself graduating, with honors, and eager to begin a new career inside the kitchen.  Chef Caroline Morrison loves everything about food: preparing, tasting, smelling, and learning.This week we are going to challenge her culinary skills with an Iron Chef challenge.  Our vendors will be supplying all ingredients and Chef Morrison will be given the challenge of preparing an appealing appetizer on the spot.  Come and find out if she has what it takes to be the first Iron Chef of Raleigh City Farmers’ Market!Our ears are also going to indulge this week.  Misti Mayhem, a renowned musician in the Raleigh-Durham area, will be jamming out on the cobblestone streets this Wednesday.  Durham born, Misty specializes in Country, Rock and Folk genres.  She is sure to amaze.As always, yoga is still taking place in the square located adjacent to the market.  This starts at 5:30 pm and as always is FREE and a great chance to unwind after a stressful day at the office.Come and meet the vendors and farmers this week at Raleigh City Farmers’ Market.  Strike up a conversation with someone new and enjoy the early evening atmosphere on the cobblestone streets.Shop, Stretch, and Sample.  See you Wednesday.

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