Celebrating Local Foods

We invite you to a summer/fall seasonal series that follows progress in the field...

Raleigh City Farm, with much community-support, has made significant progress in 2014.  This progress is visible on our site, at Raleigh City Farmers’ Market, throughout our community and still much is happening behind the scenes that would take more than a blog post to effectively share...


A Celebration of Local FoodsA series designed for Raleigh and Regional local food communities to WORK, SHARE and CELEBRATE efforts building a robust local food system.

  • Time to reap the mental and physical health benefits of working together, being outdoors, physically active and building community with soil under our fingernails.
  • Time to share progress through tours, stories and songs that celebrate local foods, farm entrepreneurs, culinary artisans and farmers’ markets making local foods more available.
  • Culminating with time to celebrate through harvest season festivals, carnivals, dinners and a centennial celebration of the communities that support sustainable, local foods.
Raise the Farm!

rcf logoIs a time to work on community-supported farm infrastructure projects that make Sustainable Agriculture and Urban Farming greater community assets while supporting new farm entrepreneurs and the regional farm community.At Raleigh City Farm, we will be working on building an Outdoor Kitchen, Farmstand Tents, preparing for Fall Crop Transitions and getting ready for Fall Events. We will also be Crop Mobbing with some of the farmer comrades we have been working with this year. Below are some of the highlights, we invite you to participate. Other Workdays TBA.

Farm Workdays

Farm Tours, Stories & Songs!

A time to share farm progress, build community and grow support for local sustainable agriculture through farm visits, stories and songs.  Below are some of the highlights, we invite you to participate.  Other Happenings TBA.

Farm Happenings

Harvest-Time Celebrations!

A time to celebrate foods, those who grow it, and the community that supports them.  Below are some of the highlights, we invite you to participate.  Other Celebrations TBA.Farm Celebrations

***We invite you to share your events that fit this Series for cross promotion.  Contact Christopher Rumbley <raleighcityfarm@gmail.com>.