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I love that Raleigh City Farm provides a slice of farm life in the heart of downtown Raleigh and gives our community access to a beautiful, sustainable, and productive green space.  Raleigh City Farm helps us to re-connect to the land.

RCF Byron
Byron Wyche, Treasurer

Red Hat

The dual role RCF plays in the downtown Raleigh community excites me. It’s both a living classroom where people reconnect with where and how our food is produced, as well as an incubator for urban agriculture entrepreneurs who bring the food supply chain back into the community.


Raleigh City Farm allows me to connect my interests in farming and wellness with my passion for perpetual learning. I am happy to be able to serve the nonprofit and its mission.
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Kristin Caddick, Board Apprentice

The farm’s presence has become a true staple of downtown Raleigh and is a testament, both agriculturally and socially, to the diversity that makes our city so rich. It is a safe haven for picnickers, families, gardeners, yogis, and many others. For me, it is a home away from home and I look forward to digging deeper. 


As someone who grew up in Raleigh, I feel Raleigh City Farm reflects the personality of our city: progressive, healthy, and entrepreneurially open to new ideas!

KJ Jones


Raleigh City Farm builds a tangible connection between the farm and our everyday urban lives. Year over year it proves to be an invaluable gem to the local businesses and residents. It’s an honor to serve and support the mission and vision of Raleigh City Farm.


I support Raleigh City Farm’s mission of connecting urban communities with food and helping us understand and appreciate what we put in our bodies and on our tables. The farm is an exciting way to ensure we have a healthy community.

Al Newsom

Good Dirt

I love Raleigh City Farm for being a ‘living teaching lab’ in the middle of our growing urban environment. The Farm connects young farmers to the community and brings neighbors together, while empowering children and adults to learn how to grow their own food. Essentially, Raleigh City Farm is the intersection of food, community and sustainability. I feel so honored to be part of such a great organization.

Jamie Ousterout RCF
Jamie Ousterout


For me, Raleigh City Farm is synonymous with “community”—the Farm provides a productive and beautiful space for entrepreneurial farmers and community members alike to grow, share, and connect. I am honored to support the Farm as a board member and volunteer.

Tara Zechini Owens


I love how Raleigh City Farm transformed that little urban street corner into a beautiful working farm that connects our neighbors to the “where, how, and why” of sustainable agriculture.


I am excited by Raleigh City Farm’s mission to educate and engage the community in creating sustainable food systems in the communities in which we live. The skills created and nurtured are not only viable, lifelong skills but they also promote pillars for healthier living and stronger relationships.

Larry Zucchino

JDavis Architects

I love the idea that Raleigh City Farm provides entrepreneurial opportunities for young urban farmers… plus, it is the coolest farm in Raleigh.

Advisory Council

Meg McKinnon Bullard

Meg Bullard Realty

James Edwards

Farmer James

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Nation Hahn


Raleigh, North Carolina - Thursday November 12, 2015 - Fiction Kitchen's chef Caroline Morrison.
Caroline Morrison

Fiction Kitchen

Laurel Varnado Passera

EQ Research

Christopher Rumbley

Farmers’ Collective

Matt Spitzer

Triangle Hemp

Darian Walker
Bodhi Land & Design – Founding Partner
Chase Werner

Triangle Hemp

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Spoonflower LLC

Helen Yoest

Bee Better

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Infinity Hundred Farms

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