Help Us Build Our New Community Pavilion

At our 5th Bearthday Celebration this year, we were delighted to unveil our newly revised mission, vision, values and goals and also reveal our future expansion plans for the farm: a new Community Pavilion designed by LS3P. General Manager, Rebekah Beck, and members of the farm’s Board worked closely with the firm to refine and develop the design over several iterations. Katherine Ball of LS3P shared, “Our team was energized by the opportunity, and we were all very excited about the end result.” For RCF, it means bringing new life into the farm by creating a physical representation of the sustainable, vibrant community we intend to build. And for our friends at LS3P, it was also their firm-wide Earth Day Competition. The competition was judged by the director of Skanska’s nationwide sustainability programs. We had a feeling they would win and guess what? They did!During the design process, LS3P meticulously worked on each detail of the pavilion to ensure its use as a multifunctional space. Ball noted, “Raleigh City Farm has had such a positive impact on our city, and we’ve loved watching it flourish. It’s been a thriving entity in its own right, but its power to serve as a catalyst for neighborhood growth and engagement is remarkable.” Once built, we hope the space will serve as both a welcome mat and a gathering place, creating new learnings inspired by diverse and engaged conversations that move us collectively closer to a more local and sustainable food system.We are eager to invite you all into our new space (slated to be built in 2018) for continued growth and community connections through program offerings like: yoga, cooking demonstrations, classes with Piedmont Picnic Project, farm stands, seating, storage, as well as much needed shade and protection from the elements. And what’s a new home without a housewarming party? Those who donate $100 or more towards this campaign will receive a private invitation to our Breaking Ground party at the farm. Click below to "help us build" so we can keep on growing!